Bibione's Seaside Village
From 28/09/19 to 06/01/20 Conference, meeting, exhibition Place: Piazzale Zenith

Bibione welcomes you to enjoy and discover all its beauty and the sea even during autumn.

From the end of September 2019 to January 2020 Bibone's Seaside Village will offer many events to the families. Sport, live music, shows and food and wine, all for the inhabitant and the guests.

Now the program is: 


  • 28-29 September: Bibione Dog and Run. Run with your four-leggede friend! Competitions, workshops and also an expo area for the first dog running festival.
  • from 4 to 6 October: Food on the Beach. A weekend for all food lover, especially for the carbonara lovers. Who will the best carbonara cook?
  • 12-13 October: Bibione connection. Dance with the "Hangover" party on Saturday night. On Sunday morning kids enjoy the bicycle touring event.
  • 19-20 October: Bibione's Island Race. The city of Bibione will be transformed into a racing track for the lovers of mountain bike.
  • 26-27 October: Bibione Enduro. Last race of the Triveneto Enduro 2019 championship with more than 300 professional riders.
  • 1-2-3 November: Festa della Castagna. Roast chestnuts and glass of wine to enjoy these days of November on the sea.

And then, the Bibione's Seaside Village becomes the Christmas Village!