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Beach offices Bathing establishments on the 11 km of beach Along the beach of Bibione you find many beach offices with modern equipments and entertainment for adults and children. Games and sports courses taught by experienced teachers, lifeguards, dermatologist and information service are some of the available services. For our four-legged friends there is also a super-equipped beach. Bibione Mare, Bibione Spiaggia Srl

The environmental quality of Bibione

The quality of the environment in Bibione is confirmed by numerous awards won by the resort each year.

Among the most desirable and long-lived is the European Blue Flag, environmental award given by the FEE to the seaside resorts.

In Bibione the Blue Flag waved for the first time in 1996 and since that time is always present on the golden beach.
This flag symbolizes good water and environment quality, but also the presence of adequate facilities and services on the beach and in the city, the presence of plans for environmental emergencies and the presence of initiatives and events for the promotion of environmental education and preservation of green areas. Among these interventions include the construction of cycle paths and pedestrian lane to discourage car use and the increased recycling of waste, an initiative put in place especially on the beach, which obtained a great success by all tourists.

Another flag on the beach of Bibione is the Green Flag, an award given to the younger generations that have the environment at heart. This flag awards the work carried out by schools in the environmental education: subjects like pollution, energy saving, separate waste collection are in the agenda.

In July 2002 Bibione was the first tourist location in Europe to obtain the EMAS Registration (Eco Management and Audit Scheme), International recognition which awards the preservation of delicate environmental eco-system. The richness of Bibione is its environmental variety: beach, pinewood, fishing valleys, the mouth of the river Tagliamento and some protected areas virtually untouched. With a such unique environment, it is imperative to protect it with rules.

The EMAS Registration and the Blue Flag guarantee tourists an excellent environmental quality of the entire territory of Bibione. It means clean and safe sea and beach, quality services for all tourists, maintenance and cleaning of green areas, development of appropriate services to maintain a healthy environment, with a limited human intervention, to discover all natural beauties and all interventions to motivate people to respect nature.

Those who choose Bibione for its beach holiday, are sure to find a perfect environment, suitable for a relaxing green holiday.