Medical Assistance

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Pharmacies The list of pharmacies in Bibione Below the list of the pharmacies in Bibione, with address and phone numbers. For any type of problem pharmacists can help you and there is always a duty pharmacy open during the night. Farmacia Comelli, Farmacia De Prato Girotto, Farmacia Giacomini Claudio, Farmacia Vizzon, Naturalba Parafarmacia
Doctors Contacts of hospital, first aid, doctors and dentists Bibione has several consulting rooms, a first aid and the emergency medical service day and night for any need. In the city there are also many doctors and dentists. A few kilometres from the beach there is the referral hospital. Dott. Balich Dentista Odontoiatra, Dott. Mundo, Dott. Salvalaggio Dentista Odontoiatra, Dott. Serodine, Dott.ssa Isabella Giuseppin Pediatra c/o Pronto Soccorso, Dott.ssa Travain
Veterinarians Medical care also for your pets Even your pet will find medical care during the holiday in Bibione. In the city and surroundings there veterinarians ready to help not only dogs and cats, but also so-called exotic animals, like rabbits and turtles. And for more serious problems, there are veterinary clinics nearby. Ambulatorio Veterinario "Bibionese", Dott. Bidin Roberto, Dott. Urizzi - Veterinario