Special sections

Clothing A large pedestrian area with hundreds of shops How to better end a long day on the beach in Bibione, except with going shopping in city centre? A nice dress, a swimsuit, a jeans or the new models for the autumn-winter, out here in preview. You can not miss such an opportunity! Biancaneve, Black Out, Boutique Spray, Globus Abbigliamento, Hansel e Gretel, Mazzonetto
Fashion jewelry stores Many colourful accessories for the beach And many other elegant for the evening. Fashion jewellery stores are perfect places to choose and combine all accessories. Necklace, bracelets and earrings are the most popular, but in Bibione there are also many girls who dare large straw hats or sticker on rhinestones to illuminate the body. Cauzzo Christian
Photograph Pictures of your holiday in Bibione If you have made too many pictures and you want to download them on CD or memory stick, photographers in Bibione can help you. Also, ask them for printing your pictures on innovative support: photo paper, parchment, fabric and more. Fotoflash, King Rachel, Lucas Photo
Perfumeries Perfumes and cosmetics of the best brands In the perfumeries of Bibione you can find perfumes and cosmetics of the best brands, because even on holiday, the style is important! Not only the timeless and new fragrances, but even creams for moisturising the body after a day on the beach and advices on make-up suitable for all kind of skin. Erboristeria Verdi Rimedi
Food Small grocery shops in city centre Along down-town streets, you will find many small grocery shops that offer mostly fresh local products. Fruits and vegetables especially, very important during the summer, but also butcher's shops, fishmonger's shops, baker's and cake shops and, for those who do not want to cook during the holiday, tasty delicatessens. Al Faro Pescheria, Ca' Laurana Panificio, Cicuto Alimentari, Del Sal Pasticceria, Disiot Supermercati, Eva Pasticceria
Footwear All that your feet want A must for the beach holiday are the flip flops, easy to rinse the sand, comfortable both for the beach and the stroll in city centre in Bibione. In the evening you can show off the more elegant models or sneakers, but always fashionable. And before to come back at home, you can see the new collections of the winter season. Calzature F.lli Tomba, Calzature KL, De Pin Calzature, Limac
Jeweller's A special gift for someone special To end a special evening, a beautiful jewel is the right gift. In the jeweller's shops in Bibione you can find the perfect gift: for him watches, bracelets and necklace in gold, steel or other modern and particular materials, for her there is a wide choice, but, as said Marilyn, “diamonds are a girl's best friend”! Gualandi Gioielli, Only Time, Oreficeria Alberti, Palumbo Gioielli
Supermarkets The big international supermarket chains If you want to have a party in the garden of your apartment in Bibione or on the beach, you can buy everything you need in one of the many supermarket in the seaside resort. Open from morning until afternoon, they offer a large choice of products of all kinds, from food to housewares, from garden furnishings to beach clothing. A&O Supermercato, Disiot Supermercati, Durante Sabrina Supermarket, Gioddi Market, Grossmarket Fapranzi, Mare + Supermercati
Household items Kitchenware and design objects for the home A new table lamp, sheets, curtains, vases, carpets and everything you need to decorate your home as you like. From Bibione you can come back at home with a beautiful design object to show to all friends. Boutique Casa, Ferramenta Bibione
Florists Red roses... ...and green fingers! Florists of Bibione are in fact full of flowers and plants of all types and colours and they offer also items for gardening and garden furnishings. A bouquet of colourful flowers or a beautiful orchid are very good solutions for a last-minute present. Fioreria Barbara, Fioreria Maria
Shops More than 500 shops for a fabulous shopping The city of Bibione offers you hundreds of shops, most part located in the pedestrian area. You can buy anything, frivolous or useful items for you, your children and friends. Suitable for any need and desire, shops are open seven days a week from morning until late evening. Bags&bags, Bibs, Combi Bazar Edicola, Corimbo Bazar, Dalla Torre Bazar, L'incanto

Shopping in Bibione

Obviously the beach and the sea of Bibione are the protagonists, the purpose of the holiday of thousands of tourists which every year flood in the seaside resort.

But don't forget that Bibione offers also a multitude of very important services for a perfect holiday: fun for children and adults, relaxation, excursions, nature and a pedestrian area ideal for the shopping!

More than 500 shops, restaurants for gourmets, pizza restaurants for meals with friends, bars, ice-cream parlours and clubs where you can enjoy an aperitif at sunset and have fun until dawn.

Bibione is a sparkling and fashionable seaside resort and offers its guests an exciting shopping experience, with useful and useless things, suitable for any need.
It can happen to forget something at home, in Bibione is not a problem. From swimming suits to sunglasses, from lifebuoy for children to the sun cream, up to the nice flip-flops, a must for tourists!

In addition to these bazaars and shops, there is place also for those who have an attack of compulsive shopping: boutiques with the most prestigious brands offer clothing, shoes and bags; jewellers and perfumeries think about your beauty, while for your house there are several furniture stores with design objects of great value.

Tourists on holiday in Bibione can also take a look to the latest fashion pair of jeans for the next autumn-winter season, thanks to the anticipation models sold in the shops already in the first August days.

But before you pack up and leave Bibione, do not forget to go in a gift shop and buy a souvenir of Murano glass.