A gym of golden sand

The city of Bibione lends itself very well to those who want to play sports on holiday: the beach, the pinewood, the cycle paths, the several tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer courts and the multi purpose sport centre offer the chance to adults and children to move in a beautiful environment.

If adults can play sport alone, for children there are many summer camps on the beach and in the sport centres. Here, besides learning their favourite sport with great teachers, make friendships with other children and alternate the lessons to entertaining moments.

The beach of Bibione offers the possibility to play:

Beach Tennis: half a way between tennis and volley ball, beach tennis has spread worldwide. Teams are composed of two players with rules similar to those of ordinary tennis. In Bibione there are many competitions of beach tennis during the summer, several of which are valid at national level.

Beach volley: wherever you play beach volleyball, but Bibione is the favourite destination for lovers thank to the several tournaments that attract also great volleyball players, such as the Beach Volley Marathon. For an entire weekend, more than 10.000 athletes compete on more than 200 fields! A spectacular event.

Beach soccer: it comes from Brazil and it has become already a loved summer sport. At a professional level, the beach soccer is a spectacular sport, but even for amateurs is an entertaining sport! The teams consist of 5 players including goalkeeper and is played in a field of 28x37 meters.

Running: run on the beach, an excellent way to keep fit both in summer and in winter. During the summer you can run barefoot, close to the waterline where the sand is harder. In this way you will avoid trauma to tendons and nerves and you get a good foot massage, which is very good for the nervous system. Of course, the clothing should be lightweight and in transpiring material, avoiding hot hours. Evening or morning are good times to burn calories!

Bowls: game beach par excellence, is no longer a game "for the elderly". Many young people approach him. Trying to beat the more experienced in the fields in front of Piazzale Zenith.


Those who love water, will find in the sea of Bibione the ideal place for all water sports, from swimming to parafly!