The Bibione Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Bibione is located on the banks of the Tagliamento river, in the eastern side of the seaside resort, immersed in a beautiful natural oasis.   The lighthouse, built after the First World War, is a rectangular structure on 2 floors, with a cylindrical tower of 21 meters. At first totally white, now it is white and yellow ochre, adapting well to the environment. Even today the lighthouse is the reference point for sailors, while during the day it is a destination for walks,... Continues...

Valgrande and Vallesina, Vallevecchia: the natural treasures of Bibione

Those who want to make a nice excursion in natural environments where human activity was minimal and well harmonized with the environment, find in the fishing valleys the right solution. Fishing valleys are typical of this area between Bibione and Caorle and they are named after the embankments. The valleys are the visible evidence left by man of environments which have remained uncontaminated over time and here, through a system of locks, are breed different species of fish, like sea bass... Continues...


Luna Park Adriatico
Luna Park Adriatico Open every evening from 7pm to Midnight from May 7th to September 20th. Visit our website and dowload all our offers. Indirizzo: Via del Sagittario - Bibione
Web: http://www.lunaparkadriatico.com
Parco Zoo Punta Verde
Parco Zoo Punta Verde Indirizzo: Via G. Scerbanenco, 19 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (Riviera)
Phone: +39.0431.428775 Fax: +39.0431.427051
Valgrande e Vallesina
Valgrande e Vallesina Indirizzo: Via Baseleghe, 4 - Bibione
Phone: +39.349.2448544
Web: http://www.valgrandebibione.com E-mail: info@valgrandebibione.com
Vallevecchia Indirizzo: Via Dossetto, 1 - Lugugnana
Web: http://www.vallevecchia.it E-mail: vallevecchia@venetoagricoltura.org

The Zoo

The Punta Verde Zoo offers the opportunity to closely look more than 1000 animals of 200 different species like bears, lions, panthers, snakes, monkeys, but also a real farm with hens, turkeys, bunnies, geese, horses, donkeys and cows. Few kilometres from Bibione, a 10.000 m2 green area welcomes more than 1000 animals in special habitats and organizes guided tours and workshops for children to discover the peculiarities of the zoo's guests. During the summer, children can take part in... Continues...