The airports in the Veneto region are open

The airports in the Veneto region are open, safe and ready to welcome tourists flying into the area for a break in Bibione. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) officially stated some time ago that there is no risk of COVID-19 transmission in Veneto airports. The region tirelessly endeavours to ensure that Italian and international tourists are safe during their holidays and its efforts have been rewarded and highlighted by this piece of extremely good news.

Countless people choose to fly to Bibione, with more and more flights to the area scheduled every summer. As well as the quickest way to get to the resort for a short seaside getaway, flying is also the perfect option for the growing number of tourists who simply prefer to travel to the beach of their dreams by public transport instead of driving.

Speaking of which, links between Bibione and the airports and train stations in Veneto will be provided once again this year by ATVO: the specialist transport company that can take tourists to the resort and even to the front door of their accommodation.