The spa, restaurants, shops and other businesses

Would you like to know if the shops and restaurants are open, if you can enjoy a little sport on the beach, whether you can spend a day at the spa, or which events are planned for this summer?

The spa, bars, cafés, restaurants, shops, other businesses and event organizers have taken measures to ensure that you have a carefree stay in Bibione. Here are some questions and answers to help you to have an unbeatable holiday here.


Will it be possible to use the facilities in the spa centre?

Italian national health service spa therapy and treatments will be available in the spa from 7 June, as will physiotherapy sessions.  The indoor and outdoor spa pools and the beauty centre will be open from 8 June. Access will be restricted to a set number of people for social distancing purposes.

For further information and all of the latest updates on the spa centre reopening, see www.bibioneterme.it.


Are the restaurants, bars, cafés and shops in Bibione open?

Yes, everything is up and running again in Bibione, although things are a little different this year. All businesses are complying with the new health and safety regulations: it’s necessary to wash or sanitize your hands, stay at least a metre away from other customers, wear face masks (except when you’re sitting at a table in a bar, café or restaurant), disinfect premises on a regular basis, use “disposable” menus, and ensure that there’s plenty of space for tables in the open air outside bars, cafés and restaurants.


Which sports are allowed?

All team sports are banned both on the beach and in sports centres.

However, all individual sports are allowed. That means you can admire Bibione’s beauty from all sorts of original points of view as you enjoy activities such as cycling, kayaking, windsurfing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Beach-based activities such as pedalo hire, parasailing and banana boat rides are also fully operational.


What events will be held this summer?

There have been big changes to the events schedule. Unfortunately, it’s been necessary to cancel all initiatives in the early part of the season, as well as Septemberfest. However, Bibione Beach Fitness has been confirmed for the weekend from 18 to 20 September.

Other events may be added during the season.


Is it safe to go to Bibione on holiday?

The accommodation facilities are taking all of the necessary measures to clean and sanitize their premises in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for everyone.

There has always been plenty of space on Bibione beach, with big spaces between the umbrellas.

First aid stations, a hospital and other medical services in the town help to provide unparalleled protection for the health of visitors.