Green holidays

Bicycle Through Wild Nature in Valgrande

The bike route is led by two experienced guides who knows all the best paths inside the property. They will in fact propose you a dynamic, scenic and historic tour! Whith our bikes you will be able to enter in the heart of the property, where you will watch with amazement a mosaic floor dated back to the Romans and more specifically, to a period placed during the reign of Honorius.
The route will unfold in a series of small climbs, descents and paths that branch off into the woods to... Continues...

Cycle paths

Forget your car and use the bicycle for your holiday in Bibione. A convenient means of transport to get around the city, without the stress of traffic and the parking place. An eco-friendly means of transportation to keep the city clean and the air fresh. An ideal means of transportation to do some sport, stretch the legs and relax. An amusing means of transportation for a nice picnic with family and friends. A great means of transportation to discover the most beautiful places of Bibione and... Continues...

Surrounded by nature in Bibione

Bibione and green holiday, a combination of great success. Not only the beautiful beach abd the blue sea make Bibione a successful resort, but even its luxuriant nature, perfectly suited for healthy outdoor holiday. Despite the millions of tourists that every year spend here the holiday, Bibione has been able to maintain the integrity of some natural environs, which, still today, surprise while leaving one breathless. In addition, the dense network of cycle paths and trails allows everyone to... Continues...