Luna Park

Luna Park Adriatico: fun for everyone in Bibione

During the holiday in Bibione, as perfect conclusion of a day on the beach, families must visit almost one time the fun fair. After dinner, what could be better than an evening to the fair?

The Luna Park Adriatico satisfies everyone, adults and children, thanks to its many attractions included in over 10,000 square meters of parkland.
Located in Via del Sagittario in Piazza Mercato, it is easily reachable on foot with a beautiful walk along the main streets of Bibione and offers also a large parking for those, who prefer to reach it by car.

The Luna Park Adriatico is open every evening from mid-May to mid-September, from 7pm to Midnight and from 1st until 15th August it is open until 1am.
In addition, for children and for people who want more, the Luna Park is open also Tuesday mornings from 10am to noon.

There is no excuse! After a day at the beach, the amusement park in Bibione waits for everyone to provide lots of fun and carelessness.

At the Luna Park Adriatico, in fact, there are many rides for the children, but also exciting attractions for adults, in addition to classic target shooting, hook a duck, wheel of fortune and more.

For younger children, the fun fair in Bibione offers the timeless carousel merry-go-round, the little pirate ship, canoe riders, mini bikes, flying coaster ride, formula track ride, train, bumper cars, slides and many other rides where children can enjoy themselves while mom and dad watch them. Some attractions are instead for the whole family: the haunted house, the Ferris wheel, the house of mirrors and the roller coaster are an example.

Only for adults there are the incredible swinging gym, go karts and a rides only for the brave: the fire bat. If you are curious about it, come to the Luna Park Adriatico in Bibione!

Are you thirsty after all these attractions? No problem. The food stalls are here for you: candies of all types and colours, soft drinks, snacks and especially cotton candy will be the perfect end of your funny and crazy evening.
It is impossible to resist!

Let's not forget that the Luna Park Adriatico offers discounts for everyone. Just enter the website to the Promotions page: here you find the coupons to download, print, cut and present to the cash desks.

What are waiting for?
The Luna Park Adriatico in Bibione awaits for you every evening from 7pm to midnight with many rides, attractions and great discounts!


Luna Park Adriatico
Via del Sagittario - Bibione (VE)