Water sports, the sea of Bibione is special!

The fans of water sports find in Bibione many indoor pools, but especially the sea. A wonderful sea, quiet and with a gently sloping seabed, ideal even for children just starting in holiday to swim. In addition, don't forget the river Tagliamento, that can be traveled by canoe in some parts.
Not only swimming, the sea of Bibione is ideal for many exciting sports: Swimming: summer holiday is the ideal moment to learn to swim, especially for children, which can make also many new... Continua...

A gym of golden sand

The city of Bibione lends itself very well to those who want to play sports on holiday: the beach, the pinewood, the cycle paths, the several tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer courts and the multi purpose sport centre offer the chance to adults and children to move in a beautiful environment. If adults can play sport alone, for children there are many summer camps on the beach and in the sport centres. Here, besides learning their favourite sport with great teachers, make friendships... Continua...

Outdoor sports

The environment in Bibione offers the chance to practice many outdoor sports, even those not used. Cycle routes are suitable for experienced bikers, but even for those who want to make an entertaining excursion with friends, paths are the ideal for a walk and who loves animals will have even the chance to ride.
Thanks to its nature and facilities, in Bibione you can do: Cycling: with more than 30 km of cycle paths, Bibione offers the opportunity both beginners and experienced bikers to... Continua...

Sports facilities in Bibione

In Bibione you can play many sports, all in modern facilities and with qualified teachers. Besides the beach, the sea, the river and the environment, Bibione offers its guests also a Multi Purpose Sport Centre to practice sport in a large recently modernized facility and equipped with every comfort. Particularly ideal for groups and retreats for sports, the sports center is proposed as a place to combine sport with entertainment. In a large green area equipped with many facilities for the... Continua...